Purchase Decision Criteria for

dc.contributor.authorRein, Neil
dc.descriptionMBA - WBSen_US
dc.description.abstractThe research was undertaken to determine the critical success factors in the marketing of industrial projects by assessing the rating of these factors by project purchasers and project suppliers in South Africa. Potential critical success factors were identified from literature from the fields of business to business marketing, organisational purchasing, marketing and purchasing of professional services, relationship marketing and project marketing itself. A questionnaire was compiled to assess the rating of the factors by both project purchasers and project suppliers. Responses were received from 38 individuals representing project purchasing companies and 34 individuals representing project supplying companies. Responses to the questionnaires were analysed and compared using a distribution fitting algorithm approach. Twelve of the 15 factors identified from the literature were found to be significantly important critical success factors and a generic project marketing mix consisting of the following factors was proposed: · Product and solution offering · Price · Physical evidence · People · Processes · Productivity and time - related issues · Reputation · Relationships · Previous experience · References and referrals · General capacity · Quality - iii - - Some differences were found in the rating of constructs underlying these factors by project purchasers compared to project suppliers in South Africaen_US
dc.subjectProject managementen_US
dc.titlePurchase Decision Criteria foren_US