Evaluating women empowerment through an examination of the Gender Equality Bill .

De Klerk., Joan
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The research study seeks to evaluate the women empowerment through an examination of the Gender Equality Bill and to ascertain whether it would enhance, complement and complete existing legislation relating to gender equality. It seeks to contribute to the policy making process from a feminist perspective since the fundamental models for policy analysis remain gender neutral. Feminist viewpoints generally suggest numerous methods of strategizing for changing the position of women in society. Feminist have often argued that mainstream policy making does not recognize gender bias in substantive policy because the models and processes advanced to describe and analyse are often gendered. The Gender Equality Bill entails a range of themes that are located in feminist theories. The purpose of the study is to examine these theories and benchmark policy processes that could be aspired to in achieving gender equality. A qualitative approach structural gaps in existing legislation and determine whether there was a need for new legislation. The Bill is assessed against five policy elements which include clarity of objectives, those who benefits are intended for; what eligibility rules are in place; financing methods and interaction with the policy elements. The study argues that the Gender Equality Bill fails to identify weaknesses in the existing legislative framework and provide a best solution for the policy problem relating to cost, equity and feasibility in employing strategies that challenge experiences relating achieving gender equality. The Bill would, therefore would not have the ability to enhance, complement and complete the existing legislation.
Women's rights,Sex discrimination against women,Equality-- South Africa