Weaving in connections: Studying changes in early grades additive relations teaching

Ekdahl, A,L.
Venkatakrishnan, H.
Runesson, U.
Askew, M.
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In this article, we present aspects of teaching that draw attention to connections - both within and between examples - in order to explore the potential objects of learning that are brought into being in the classroom space and thus what is made available to learn. Our focus is on exploring differences in teaching over time, in the context of learning study style development activity of additive relation problems in three Grade 3 classes in South Africa. In a context where highly-localised and fragmented instruction has been noted, this study reports on the nature and extent of changes in connections in instruction over time. The application of a coding framework focused on simultaneity and connections in teaching points to a richer range of structural relationships within examples, and more connecting work between examples in the second year in comparison to the first year.
Ekdahl, A-L., Venkat, H., Runesson, U. & Askew, M., 2018, ‘Weaving in connections: Studying changes in early grades additive relations teaching’, South African Journal of Childhood Education 8(1),pp.1-9