Marketing Guest Houses in South Africa

dc.contributor.authorVolek, Edward
dc.descriptionMBA - WBSen_US
dc.description.abstractGuest house owners are often owner-managers whose resources of time and money are extended to the limit. It is important that they market their establishments wisely. The objective of this research was to investigate accommodation search tools and selection criteria as deemed important by guests and perceived important by owners. Data was collected in the form of questionnaires completed by owners and guests. The ordinal level response data was rescaled before being interpreted. The main findings of this report were that owners placed more emphasis on providing internet search tools than on network marketing to attract new customers. Further, while owners and guests agreed on the broad groupings of cleanliness, security and service as being important guest house selection criteria, owners tended to exaggerate the importance of each of the individual criteria and lacked the ability to adequately perceive the degree of importance of criteria as the guests saw themen_US
dc.subjectGuest housesen_US
dc.titleMarketing Guest Houses in South Africaen_US