Folktales retold: The translation of English versions of African Folktales into Sepedi

Malatji, Mosebodi Martha
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This study focuses on the translation of children’s literature. Its aim is to examine the translation strategies adopted in translating culture-specific concepts found in three African folktales written in English taken from Gcina Mhlophe’s African Tales: A Barefoot Collection, into Sepedi. The focus is on culture-specific elements such as proper names, geographical names, references to food, names of fauna and flora, songs, forms of address and humour. Translating such texts will enable Sepedi speaking children to learn more about the cultural practices of other African countries. A further aim is that by translating folktales from African Tales: A Barefoot Collection into Sepedi, Sepedi speaking children will have access to more reading material written in their language which is easy to comprehend and can expand their Sepedi vocabulary. Currently there is little reading material available for Sepedi learners, therefore translating the chosen folktales into Sepedi will help in filling this gap.