The role of marketing big data on a South African brand activation agency’s strategy

Maharaj, Verusha K.
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ABSTRACT Big data is a term that has become widely used across various sectors and industries, but the critical factor is how this information is being used to add value to organisations. Those that can use big data effectively will be able to stay ahead and remain competitive. With the recent shift in power in the retail environment where activation agencies no longer have control over the in-store promotions of clients, there comes a need to reassess and reevaluate long-term strategies. Activation agencies of the future need to be able to innovate and start creating new opportunities to reach their clients’ consumers. A large amount of research has been done on big data and how it could assist companies to gain real insights with just one of the options being the opportunity to use big data to better segment customers and therefore enable more personalised targeting for products and services. There is currently no prior research directly linking this to the activations environment. This study assessed the influence, not just of big data in the below-the-line marketing environment, but specifically of marketing big data on a brand activation strategy in South Africa. It found that there was a definitive impact that could be realised. The study was exploratory in nature. The data was collected through in-depth semistructured interviews with a convenience sample of experts. The data was then analysed to produce themes relevant to the research propositions. The research did find that it would be viable for the executives of a brand activation agency, to proceed with a business unit that is dedicated to delivering solutions to their clients regarding consumer behaviour by using marketing big data as part of their strategy. Recommendations are then made on possible implementation as well as an agency model of the future. The timing of the implementation plan is dependant on the investment that can be made by the agencies.
M.B.A. Thesis
Consumer behavior, Brand choice, Marketing, Big data -- South Africa.