Challenges in the implementation of retention policy in the Department of Home Affairs

Machethe, Maemo Peter
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Retention of personnel should form and remain part of the core business of all government institutions which intend to remain competitive in the world where swords of war on talent continue to erode the public sector. The aim of the research was to unmask and understand the challenges on implementation of retention policy within the department of Home Affairs. A qualitative study was undertaken and literature review on retention, staff turnover, labour turnover, talent and manpower was conducted. Relevant secondary data were searched and interviews undertaken with senior and middle managers of the Department responsible for policy development and implementation, constituting the main source of primary data. The research revealed that most senior and middle managers in the Department are not aware of the existence of the Department„s retention policy and thus contribute to its non-implementation. Challenges on implementation of the policy were also found to be associated with poor leadership, emotions and lack of defined skills needs, lack of communication and a poorly co-ordinated approach towards the implementation process. Retention is a critical factor to success and each organisation has to develop a systematic approach to address turnover challenges based on its unique needs.
Retention of personnel, Staff turnover, Public sector, South Africa