Demand for specific cosmetic surgery procedures in a South African hospital.

Koekemoer, Sarel Gerhardus.
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ABSTRACT More people worldwide are becoming open to the idea of having a cosmetic procedure, in one form or another, and part of this study was to gain insight as to whether South Africa is following this global trend. The study found that the market for male cosmetic surgery is below three percent and not showing any signs of growth; the market for white female patients is by far the biggest segment and shows the same signs of decline as the other two racial groups. As expected, the list of most popular procedures for Gauteng looks very different to that of the overseas market. This study showed that the top four procedures are breast enlargement, liposuction, breast reduction and tummy tuck. South Africa is a diverse country with many cultures and each has a different idea of what is deemed attractive, so the results of the most popular procedures vary for the different cultural groups within this population. In order to cater to the needs of such a diverse customer base, facilities will have to start segmenting their markets more clearly. Of all the external economic data tested against the demand for cosmetic surgery, CPI was found to have the most significant impact on the demand for cosmetic surgery in Gauteng. The Gauteng market for cosmetic surgery is thus sensitive to the change in cost of living for the average household. Another external factor that proved to have a significant effect on cosmetic surgery demand was the economic status of a sample taken from within the population. It was found that customers from more affluent areas are spending the most on cosmetic surgery in Gauteng. This study has thus showed that changes in CPI figures and overall personal wealth influence the demand for cosmetic surgery in general, while the choice of surgery was shown to have influences that are more personal.
MBA 2013
Surgery, Plastic -- Social aspects,Body image, personal wealth.