The perceptions of black senior managers of the obstacles to the practice of African leadership in South African organisations

Makgala, Charles Day
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ABSTRACT African leadership remains one of the most under-studied of all leadership theories. There are numerous examples of exemplary leadership by Africans through traditional practices and principles. These African leadership principles have unfortunately not enjoyed the warranted success in business organisations in South Africa. This qualitative study delves into the obstacles in the workplace to the practice of African leadership. Various other issues including multi-culture, the importance of vision and values are also studied in order to study the environmental conditions necessary for a leadership theory such as African leadership to endure. A tremendous amount of work is necessary to build a solid foundation for the prosperity of leadership principles and practices that have been part of the upbringing of most black Africans and this will require that business leaders, academics and society speak with one voice to promote and protect their heritage.
MBA 2015
Leadership -- South Africa,Ubuntu (Philosophy),Values -- South Africa