The effectiveness of a management consulting firm in South Africa in fulfilling their branded employee value proposition.

Mdluli, Sihle
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ABSTRACT In a world where companies often compete for the best talent, organisations need to set themselves apart by having an employee value proposition (EVP) that will attract the best talent to deliver the future value they need to attain their strategic objectives. In order to retain these employees, companies need to deliver on their branded EVP proposition. Through a case study on one of the leading management consulting firms in South Africa, this study seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of this firm in fulfilling their branded employee value proposition. This is attained through the evaluation of the company’s EVP attributes that attracted employees to the firm, and thereafter rating how effective the company has been in fulfilling the branded EVP attributes. Results show that respondents were attracted by attributes in the flexibility category to the company. The flexibility category refers to the firm having options to create the career and project experience each employee wants. The study shows that there is a misalignment in the attributes that were important in attracting employees to the firm to the attributes that the firm is most effective in delivering on.
MBA 2014
Business consultants,Employee retention,Personnel management.