Evaluating the implementation of the strategic thrust to improve labour productivity in a platinum mining company in South Africa

Ngema, Ntokozo Phillip
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Often the objectives that are set in an organisation are not implemented as planned; organisations usually succeed in creating a great strategy that promises to yield good shareholder value but ends up realising only a part of the benefit that was promised. Inability to implement what has been created as a strategy is the main reason why good strategy fails. This research report aimed to evaluate the gap between the design of the labour productivity, the new strategic thrust at Anglo American Platinum and the implementation of it. A themed content analysis was conducted on the responses and other supporting information gathered from eleven semi-structured interviews. All the eleven respondents are senior managers responsible for various portfolios at Anglo American Platinum Mines. The themes and common factors across all respondents confirmed the theory established during the literature review. The research findings confirm that rigorous planning is the first step toward reducing the strategy-to-execution gap; they also confirm several factors that support strategy execution i.e. top management involvement, aligning reward and recognition with the strategy execution, having clear priorities and performance management. The key message from this research study is that organisations need to identify all the resources required for implementation and deploy them on time to support the programme.
Strategic planning ;Platinum mines and mining ;Mines and mineral resources -- Labor productivity;Labor productivity -- South Africa