The role of road safety promotion at Mogale local municipality.

Mhlungu, Gcina Lucas
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Background: South Africa is struggling with the issue of poor public sector performance. Road safety is not an exception in this dilemma of dismal public sector performance. Road safety and road safety management is a serious challenge because of ever-increasing crashes and fatalities on our roads every year. Road safety strategy and road safety strategy implementation introduced every year have not borne much fruit. This study sought to establish challenges in the implementation of road safety strategy in Mogale City .In addition, it sought to recommend interventions to improve road safety strategy. Method: The study used mixed methods encompassing both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, as well as document analysis. Mixed method and approaches were combined to validate the findings and increase the credibility. Results: The study established that although strategy implementation has an important role to play in reducing road crashes and fatalities in Mogale City, its implementation is hindered by several challenges, such as the strategy and weak strategy implementation. , Over and above that, inadequate resources and managerial authority,: political interference; inadequate leadership; inadequate personal training and development; system and process challenges; and organisational culture were identified as the main challenges in the implementation of road safety strategy. The study recommends interventions to improve the implementation of road safety strategy. These include a holistic and integrated approach to road safety, development of a comprehensive strategy and strategy ii implementation, that the identified challenges be addressed, and the provision of adequate political and administrative leadership. Conclusion: Findings confirm that although substantial progress has been achieved, these efforts are hindered by many factors, including lack of monotoring and evaluation.
Traffic safety -- South Africa.Roads -- Safety measures.