Understanding Homelessness Through Women's Experiences and Journey Through it

Khoza, Rirhandzu
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This research report focuses on females from different walks of life who have become homeless. Broadly, the research seeks to understand the experience of homelessness from a female’s perspective, whilst also delving into the factors that lead to homelessness on 44 Grand Central BoulevardThe research uncovers the females’ experience of homelessness against the backdrop of socio-economic factors that have resulted in their homelessness. It highlights the dangers of being homeless, the inability to gain access to basic services and explores the manner in which the homeless females have been able to shape and design the spaces that they live in. From a gendered perspective, the research reveals the preference of illegally living on private land in comparison to the participants living in secure accommodation. Furthermore, it seeks to understand the females’ perception of home and homelessness. Tipple and Speak (2005) argue that establish a nuanced understanding of homelessness is challenging therefore it needs to be understood within a particular context. Therefore, the research re-examines and contextualises the conditions of homelessness on 44 Grand Central Boulevard in order to better understand homelessness.
Planning Honours Final Report 2014, Wits University
women, housing, homelessness
Khoza, R (2014) Understanding Homelessness Through Women's Experiences and Journey Through it, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg