Electronic Waste Management in South Africa

Ponde, Dadirayi Karene
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This research report describes South African business perspectives on environmental corporate social responsibility with an illustration through e-waste management initiatives. E-waste is a generic term for electric and electronic waste, and the correct disposal of e-waste is an emerging risk in South Africa. The research was conducted using a mixed method approach, which is well suited to an exploratory study of this nature. Global trends have given rise to the adoption of voluntary environmental corporate social responsibility programmes driven primarily by the fear of legal liability and regulatory compliance. The key findings of this study are that there is a weaker awareness of environmental corporate social responsibility among South African EEE distributors. Environmental management practices are primarily customer-driven and are closely linked to the operational issues of the companies. The findings of the study suggest that, within the South African context, there is a desire for strong regulation with regards to environmental corporate social responsibility.
MBA thesis - WBS
Electronic waste management, E-waste management