Mobile advertising strategy formulation in South Africa

dc.contributor.authorLichtenstein, Justin
dc.descriptionMBA thesisen_ZA
dc.description.abstractWith the rapid advancement in mobile technology, there are now multiple devices and methodologies through which advertisers can communicate their messages to their target audience. An advertising strategy is crafted and customised, with the purpose of reaching a target group who are most likely to purchase goods or services. Therefore it is imperative that the correct group is targeted with the suitable message, at a suitable time. The researcher proposes that campaign managers must consider factors such as: campaign objectives, budgets, return on investment, handset capabilities and operating systems, method of message delivery and customer targeting when formulating a mobile advertising strategy. The research was undertaken in South Africa, which exhibits unique technological and targeting considerationsen_ZA
dc.subjectMobile advertisingen_ZA
dc.titleMobile advertising strategy formulation in South Africaen_ZA