The impact of authoritative leadership style on organizational change in an international consulting firm operating in South Africa

Warsame, Ali Mohamud
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The study primarily investigated the impact of authoritative leadership style on organizational change effectiveness. Furthermore, the study aimed to evaluate the impact of authoritative leadership style on organizational change from both management and employee perspectives. Environmental forces that have impact on organizations are rapidly and continuously changing which makes it inevitable for organizations to initiate changes to adapt and match such environments. Moreover, most organizational changes fail or experience short term success. Success or failure of organizational change has been associated with different factors including leadership style. Thus, the panacea for successful organisational change has been referred to be the presence of effective leadership style when organizational change is underway. Data for this study were collected using structured questionnaire to investigate how authoritative leadership style impacts organisational change. The study also adopted quantitative methodology. The results of the empirical part of this study show that authoritative leadership style has significant impact on organizational change. From both the perspective of management and employees, results indicate that authoritative leadership style significantly impacts organizational change. However, the study had some limitations including not generalizable globally by looking at only one organization.
Leadership -- South Africa. Organizational change -- South Africa.