Tacit knowledge-management practices in a South African media company

Patel, Anita Manharlal
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The purpose of the research was to explore how tacit knowledge is perceived, understood and managed within a media company in South Africa. The research was conducted as a case study through an interview process. The case study was specific to a single media organisation, MultiChoice Subscriber Management Services (Pty) Ltd. (referred to as “MultiChoice”). This report represents the MultiChoice staff members‟ view of what they considered tacit knowledge to mean and the practices in place at MultiChoice to capture and retain the knowledge. Fifteen candidates were interviewed. They were specifically chosen as they are purported to be specialists in their respective fields and are retention candidates within the organisation. The interviews were summarised and the key findings analysed. On the basis of the review of the literature and the interviews with the 15 interviewees the following emerged:- The interviewees understood and supported the perception of the term tacit knowledge as described in the literature review; Indirect/informal practices were in place to monitor, capture and retain the tacit knowledge; and Interviewees were willing and prepared to adopt tacit knowledge practices if these are implemented formally. It appears that there was a common understanding among interviewees that tacit knowledge practices were the competitive advantage in which an innovative company should invest. This investment was the key to grow and develop staff and the potential to be an innovative company. The overall impression was that tacit knowledge practices are becoming increasingly in demand in organisations and companies as well as employees were gaining awareness within the work environment.
MBA thesis - WBS
Knowledge management, Tacit knowledge management