Perceived impact of organisation coaching on coachees in South Africa

dc.contributor.authorWallace, Brett Carlyle
dc.descriptionMBA thesisen_ZA
dc.description.abstractCoaching in business, and the many variations it has, is certainly not a new topic to either business or research. Organisations have been using coaching as a supportive and developmental tool since the 1930‟s, with research pre-dating that (Grant 2003). Research is however limited when it comes to the actual impact of organisational coaching on coachees. What impact is experienced during, and more significantly, retained post intervention? Does this impact have any contribution toward organisational performance and are there any additional influencing factors at play? This research report is intended to highlight the perceived impact of organisational coaching on coachees in South Africa. Through a constructivism-interpretivism paradigm, the research focussed on an idiographic perspective of thematic analysis, for theme identification. This was done through a formal, yet semi-structured interview process, with select research participants. The themes identified through the analysis of participant feedback, created a deeper understanding of factors affecting or contributing toward perceived impact on coachees. The analysis revealed that besides existing themes identified through the interviewing process, when given the opportunity to respond openly, new themes started to emerge. The final open probe question highlighted additional themes that influenced the degree of impact of the organisational coaching intervention on the coachees. The primary message and key objective of this research study, is to extract data valuable for professional coaches and organisational CEO‟s to use and reflect on, when facilitating or authorising an organisational coaching intervention. Through being cognisant of and gearing interventions toward addressing these factors, coaches and CEO‟s alike will be ensuring maximum impact and value for coachees and organisations alike.en_ZA
dc.subjectOrganisational coachingen_ZA
dc.subjectCoaching and mentoringen_ZA
dc.titlePerceived impact of organisation coaching on coachees in South Africaen_ZA