Perception study of a GDARD Homestead Food Garden programme in response to food insecurity in Gauteng

Mkhwanazi, Maxwell Khaladi
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Gauteng Province as an industrial and urbanised province has experienced a growing trend of food insecurity in households. Integrated Food Security Strategy (IFSS) was meant to be the pillar of ensuring that all those involved in food security have their role to play. The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) strategy to fight food insecurity was undertaken through the Homestead Food Garden programme. The study aimed at exploring the perceptions of the programme from the households that benefited from the programme through in-depth interviews with respondents who had benefited from the programme in the previous year. The study employed a qualitative approach using exploratory and descriptive research design. The study found that the homestead good garden programme contributes to the livelihoods of households, food availability and access to food. Access to land and water are still major challenges in attempting to realise maximum potential of food production. The study also revealed that there is a lack of proper consultation and co-ordination from government. It is recommended that all organizations and stakeholders responsible for food security in the province of Gauteng collaborate and form partnerships in realizing the same goal of fighting food insecurity and alleviating poverty.
Food security, Food supply, Community gardens, Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- South Africa.