The impact of advertising on consumer

dc.contributor.authorPARFAIT, Jean Noël
dc.descriptionMBA - WBSen_US
dc.description.abstractAdvertising is used today by all types of organisations to achieve a lot of different targets. Businesses try to create or enhance their brands and images through their commercial ads, thus, making we consumers more willing to buy the related products or services. In this way, the final objective of commercial advertising can be viewed as to improve the revenue of the business. The present study links advertising to sales for fast moving consumer goods in Mauritius Island. The Theory of Reasoned Action from Ajzen & Fishbein (1980) has been used to build a model linking advertising to intention through beliefs and intention. A questionnaire has been designed based on model. This questionnaire was answered by a sample of 337 consumers coming out of supermarkets from different regions of the island. The answers were analysed using linear regression. The results showed that the advertising acts on intention by changing beliefs.en_US
dc.subjectAdvertising, Mauritiusen_US
dc.subjectConsumer behaviour, Mauritiusen_US
dc.titleThe impact of advertising on consumeren_US