Shared-use of railway infrastructure in South Africa: the case of coal and citrus production in Mpumalanga

Dube, Mishack Siyafunda
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Economic activities such as mining extraction and farming have in the past been supported by railway infrastructure, which continues to provide a cheap transportation option for the movement of freight. This research paper looks at the apparent bias that exists in the shared-use of railway infrastructure in South Africa between coal miners and citrus growers in Mpumalanga. The study is specifically concerned with the regulatory regime governing access and the extent to which it enables or hinders the shared-use of rail infrastructure, which is critical in the movement of freight for different sectors of the economy. The paper uses literature on regulatory practices and a case study of Mpumalanga’s coal miners and citrus growers, to investigate South Africa’s regulatory regime and its role in creating particular biases in the use of rail infrastructure.
Thesis (M.Com. (Development Theory and Policy))--University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, School of Economic and Business Sciences, 2014.
Railways, Coal, Citrus, Mpumalanga, Transnet, Regulation, Shared-use