Obstacles to quality management in South African infrastructure projects - The case of Route 21 (R21) from National Route 1 (N1) to O.R Tambo International Airport.

This research report identifies obstacles to quality management in South African infrastructure projects, using the R21 GFIP project as case study. A questionnaire was used to collect intrinsic project information. Triangulation method was used to analyse questionnaire results, literature survey and project data supplied by SANRAL (archive data). The efficiency in administering sound quality management is diminished with increase in project pressure, leading to the adoption of shortcut procedures, constructing work with incomplete designs in place and using untested material in some portions of work, to meet stringent completion deadlines for FIFA 2010 World Cup. Strong linkages are identified between significant obstacles that overwhelm quality, including incomplete designs. Top management is not transient and must champion the quality agenda. Hence there is a strong and coordinated need for a structured mechanism to reinforce experiences and lessons learnt from previous projects to curb reoccurrence of similar obstacles. Key words: Obstacles, Quality, Infrastructure, Management, FIFA 2010 World Cup