Adoption of cloud computing by small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries : the South African context

Hlatshwayo, Prince Nkosiyomusa
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ABSTRACT SMEs and businesses in developing economies, through research, have shown a lack in the adoption of technologies that has benefit for them. Cloud computing is one of such technologies that has the potential of levelling the playing fields for these SMEs and businesses, enabling them to compete with big, global businesses. The adoption of cloud computing, by SMEs in developing economies, has not shown great traction. Why is this, especially, in the South African context? Cost, awareness, connectivity, security and other factors have been summarised as causes for the lack of cloud computing adoption in developing economies but there is a lack of research around why the lack of cloud adoption is, in the South African landscape. This paper focuses on the cloudcomputing topic with specific focus to the developing economy of South Africa, the unique challenges that this economy and its SMEs face and the potential reason why adoption is lacking within this context. This study expands further on why there is a lack of adoption of cloud services in developing economies by showing that security in the main consideration, at present, that leads on why the adoption of cloud services lacks. SME are in the know around what cloud services are about (awareness), they make provision for ICT services from an expenditure perspective and are of the view that broadband connectivity has somewhat come down though more can still be done. Security came out as the major concern that is contributing to the lack of adoption of cloud. This research gives a potential, cloud computing, South African SME a view of what other SMEs consider as the benefits of cloud computing to their business and what these prospective SMEs can do, and need to mindful of, in infusing cloud computing as part of their business. The study continues to show cloud computing considerations that are still top of mind to most SMEs and how to plan for these in adopting cloud services.
MBA Thesis
Cloud computing, security, small and medium enterprises (SME), awareness