Emotional intelligence: A critical success factor for selling funeral policies

Shiri, AT
Chitakunye, P
Fields, Z
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This study contributes to a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence as a critical success factor in the selling of funeral insurance policies. Insights are drawn from a quantitative study that adopted a convenience sampling approach. The study tested the extent to which emotional competencies are related to job performance of funeral policy sales agents. Thirty Eight (38) agents from an insurance firm in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe participated in this study. A Schutte emotional intelligence test was used to test their overall emotional intelligence as well as their four competencies of emotional intelligence. Agents also responded to questions that tested their ability to handle client rejection and supplied other relevant data, such as age and work experience. The data was analysed using SPSS, and the output revealed that there was a positive relationship between emotional intelligence and performance. The results also revealed that some of the competences on emotional intelligence were insignificantly related to sales agents’ performance while others, such as appraisal of emotion and social skills, were significant. The results confirm that emotional intelligence is an important critical success factor in the insurance industry and management should utilise it in planning.
Emotion segregation , Social intelligence , emotional intelligence , Critical success factors
Shiri, A. T., Chitakunye, P., & Fields, Z. (2014). Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Success Factor for Selling Funeral Policies. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(20), 381-389