A non-mammaliaform cynodont from the Upper Triassic of South Africa: a therapsid Lazarus taxon?

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dc.contributor.author Abdala, Fernando
dc.contributor.author Damiani, Ross
dc.contributor.author Yates, Adam
dc.contributor.author Neveling, Johann
dc.date.accessioned 2014-12-22T08:00:26Z
dc.date.available 2014-12-22T08:00:26Z
dc.date.issued 2007
dc.identifier.issn 0078-8554
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10539/16099
dc.description.abstract The tetrapod record of the ‘Stormberg Group’, including the Lower Elliot Formation, in the South African Karoo is widely dominated by archosaurian reptiles, contrasting with the therapsid dominion of the subjacent Beaufort Group. The only therapsids represented by skeletal remains in the Upper Triassic Lower Elliot Formation are the large traversodontid cynodont Scalenodontoides macrodontes and the recently described tritheledontid cynodont Elliotherium kersteni. Here we present a fragmentary lower jaw that provides evidence of a third type of cynodont for the Upper Triassic of South Africa. The fossil is tentatively assigned to the Diademodontidae. The latter representative of this family is known from the Late Anisian, and its tentative record in the Norian Lower Elliot Formation, if confirmed, will represent a case of Lazarus taxon. Thus, Diademodontidae apparently disappeared from the fossil record by the end of the Anisian and then reappeared in the Norian of South Africa, a stratigraphic interval of some 21 million years. This new cynodont record, together with the recently described Tritheledontidae, show that cynodonts are now the second most diverse tetrapod group in the Lower Elliot fauna. en_ZA
dc.description.sponsorship The University of the Witwatersrand, the National Research Foundation of South Africa, the Royal Society of London and PAST. en_ZA
dc.language.iso en en_ZA
dc.title A non-mammaliaform cynodont from the Upper Triassic of South Africa: a therapsid Lazarus taxon? en_ZA
dc.type Article en_ZA

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