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This data is provided for the purposes of research replication and peer review only. Peer Reviewers please apply for access to the read-only data by clicking on the padlocked item. The respondents in this study have been given assurances by the researchers that Wits library is committed to upholding. Please look at the accompanying documentation for the full text of those assurances. If another researcher wishes to reuse the data for other purposes, please contact the author to discuss collaboration. You will also need to prepare an application for data reuse to the wits ethics committee. The details of this committee are available in the research documentation.


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    Survey of the perceptions of key stakeholders on the attributes of the South African Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System: data documentation
    (2016-10-25) Benson, Frew; Supervisor: Rispel LC; Project over sight Blumberg L,
    An original and uniquely created electronic semi-structured questionnaire was piloted and then sent out using the secure, web-based Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap), programme hosted at the University of Witwatersrand. In addition to socio- demographic information, the questionnaire elicited information on participants’ perceptions of the NDSS( Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System) attributes of acceptability (the willingness of providers to participate in the NDSS), flexibility (adaptability to changing circumstances and needs), simplicity (ease of understanding of NDSS forms and processes), timeliness (the speed at which the provider takes the appropriate steps after an event came to her/his attention) and usefulness (whether the data contributes to outbreak response, or the prevention and control of communicable diseases or improved public health knowledge).