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ROOTS RESOURCES is committed to raising the quality of Deaf education in South Africa. Early intervention is the key to literacy development and future academic performance. Our desire is to ensure equal access to all of our resources for teachers and parents.


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    Teacher's guide to growing languages and literacy
    (Roots Resources, 2021) Storbeck, Claudine
    A rich, user-friendly, printable guide, full of resources to inspire you to learn and grow more as a teacher and as a learner. It is our hope that Deaf and hard-of-hearing children will catch your passion for books and become readers.
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    Gogo will be okay
    (2021) Storbeck, Claudine; Goode, Elizabeth
    Sibu visits his mama in the city during school holidays and soon learns that his beloved Gogo has fallen ill. We follow his journey trough uncertainty and difficult emotions. This third story in our Ingane Yami series serves as a gentle reminder of how important it is to tell someone when we feel worried.
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    A Selection of SASL Games and Activities
    (2020) Swannack, Robyn
    SASL Games are a great way of enjoyment and active engagement in the classroom, and can improve and motivate learning. These games have been developed with the key principles of Deaf Culture and Deaf community in mind. Choose a game from the book and start an inspiring and fun journey with your class!
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    Life beyond deafness
    (2019) Various contributing authors
    Stories of Deaf South Africans
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    SASL Alphabet
    (2019) Storbeck, Claudine
    A rhyme based alphabet book for young children and an introduction to South African Sign Language for readers of all ages.
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    Colour me blue
    (2019) Naude, Kelly
    Deaf people the world over continued to fight for their rights, to be included in society, to be educated and use their own language. Hearing people who understood the needs and rights of the Deaf Community stepped up and advocated for them where they could, and through inventive advances in Deaf education, perceptions about deafness began to change.
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    Using our hands
    (2020) Storbeck, Claudine; Goode, Elizabeth
    Young children explore the various ways we can use our hands from eating to talking
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    SASL: A teacher, friend & family resource for beginners: Quick and easy reference to learning South African signs with SASL, English, Zulu, & Afrikaans
    (Wits Centre for Deaf Studies, 2018) Einsteinhands; Thrive (support group for parents of deaf children)
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    Fragments of silence
    (Roots Resources, 2018) Mcilroy, Guy
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    Deaf heroes: Deaf South Africans who are making a difference
    (2019) Swannack, Robyn; Storbeck, Claudine
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    Different is beautiful
    (Roots Resources, 2017) Birdsey, Bianca; Storbeck, Claudine
    Benjamin Girl 'Different is Beautiful' is the first in a short series, that explores the life of a little deaf girl through the eyes of her favourite teddy bear. The book serves as a tool for developing empathy and self awareness as the young reader is invited to explore the reality of a little character, who is beautifully different.
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    Sibu Goes To School
    (Roots Resources, 2018) Birdsey, Bianca; Storbeck, Claudine; Deans, Maxine; Goode, Elizabeth; Revised by Khawula-White, Simangele; Printed by ABC Press
    Sibu goes to School' follows on from 'Isipho - The Gift'. The story allows the reader to experience much of Sibu's big day as he sets off hand in hand with his beloved Gogo. They meet a new friend, Mbali, who is also different from many of the other children in their village. Mbali and Sibu, through the events of the day, discover that their special gifts can greatly help each other.
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    Isipho - The Gift
    (Roots Resources, 2018) Birdsey, Bianca; Storbeck, Claudine; Deans, Maxine; Goode, Elizabeth; Revised by Khawula-White, Simangele; Printed by ABC Press
    Isipho - The Gift, the first of two short stories in the Ingane Yami series, is a realistic account of what life is like for many South Africans living in rural areas. Late identification, long journeys using hospital transport, extensive waits for assistive devices and social stigma are just a few realities that families with children who have special needs face.
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    Benjamin’s Girl - The Present
    (Roots Resources, 2018) Birdsey, Bianca; Storbeck, Claudine; Good, Elizabeth; Printed by ABC Press
    The Present' is a story which continues to unwrap interesting details of what life might be like being deaf. Set around Esther's seventh birthday, this third book in the Benjamin's Girls series invites the reader to join in a fun-filled day. This celebration digs deeper into the joy of what it means to be different, and how that which makes us each unique can be a gift to others.
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    Benjamin’s Girl - Along came a Strawberry
    (ABC Press, 2017) Birdsey, Bianca; Storbeck, Claudine; Goode, Elizabeth
    Along came a Strawberry' captures a special evening in the life of Ben and his girl. This little story about fear and courage can be used to unwrap meaningful conversations with young readers. This book provides further opportunity to explore literacy development, language, Theory of Mind and the gift of developing the skill of self-reflection and empathy.