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    (2023-01-16) Hosa
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    Predatory publishing practices: is there life after Beall's list?
    (WKW School of Communication & Information & NTU Libraries Nanyang Technological University, 2017-12) Nicholson, Denise Rosemary
    Background. Scholarly communication is an ever-evolving practice. As publishing advanced from the printed format to digital formats, new trends, practices and platforms emerged in academia. As reputable publishers adapted their business models to accommodate open access, many non-reputable publishers have emerged with questionable business models and less-than favourable or unacceptable publishing services. Objectives. This paper discusses changing trends in scholarly publishing, the advent of and problems caused by pervasive predatory publishing practices, and possible solutions. The paper also investigates possible alternatives to Beall’s list and whether a “one-stop shop” black- or white list would serve as a comprehensive tool for scholarly authors. Results. The paper concludes that there is no “one-stop shop” or comprehensive resource or guidelines available at this stage for scholarly authors to consult before publishing. It alerts scholars to be cautious and to do research about potential publishers, before submitting manuscripts for publication. Contributions. It provides recommendations and some useful resources to assist authors before they publish their works.
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    Knowledge Management for the South African Architectural Profession, based on a Local Case Study
    (Common Ground, 2008) Johnson, Johanna
    Traditionally, architectural archives serve as a repository of knowledge which supports architects in developing a frame of reference. They also have the function of preservation. In the developed world, these archives of architectural knowledge have been established for public use, whilst the developing world generally lacks these repositories. With South Africa being a developing country in a third world, its history of architecture is scarcely documented. Therefore, core knowledge-assets for the profession in this part of the world have been neglected. This paper explores the challenges facing Architecture libraries, professionally and academically, in maintaining service excellence considering the special user needs of architects and planners, in the context of digitisation.
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    Open Access: Wits Research - Stepping onto the Global Stage
    (2010-11-05) Nicholson, Denise Rosemary
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    Global IPR regimes and challenges in bridging the knowledge gap – African Virtual Library and Information Network.
    (http://www.uneca.org/disd/events/accra//InternetGovernance/Global%20IPR%20regime%20and%20challenges%A0in%A0bridging%A0the.ppt., 2005-01) Ubogu, F N; Nicholson, Denise