Lengwitch: The Journal of Language Across the Curriculum, 1984-1989

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Editor: Michael Rice edited the entire run. Publisher: Johannesburg College of Education (subsumed into the University of the Witwatersrand in 2001). Background. In 1979 a new project was launched at the Johannesburg College of Education. This was the Language and Learning Across the Curriculum Project (LAC). As part of this project the LAC Committee launched an A4-format typsescript magazine filled with photocopied previously-published articles, a few new articles, news, and jokes. Michael Rice was the editor. This continued till 1983. Only one issue of this early manifestation of Lengwitch (Volume 2, Number 1, 1980) has been viewed by me. This issue is not good enough to digitize, but it will be placed in the Archives of the Wits Education Library. In 1983 the LAC Committee decided to upgrade the magazine, and to change the format to A5. These changes were implemented in 1984, and the full run of the improved journal has been digitized.

Lifespan: 1984-1989 Issues: Eight issues in total. Frequency: one per year, except for 1984 and 1985, when two appeared.

Numbering: Unnumbered, except for 1986 (Volume 3, Number1) and 1987 (Volume 4, Number1). Pagination: each issue is paginated individually. Themes: Four issues are themed, three are not.

Print copies: there is one full run at the Wits Education Library (call number: EDUC PER L 81.L2)

The digitization of Lengwitch was first mooted by Alison Chisholm (Deputy Education Librarian). The project got under way in 2013 with Mark Sandham as leader, and was completed in October 2014. Metadata was created by Alison Chisholm and Mark Sandham. Scanning was done by the Wits Digitization Centre. •

Mark Sandham • Education Librarian, October 2019 •