The impact of new media on motoring journalism in South Africa

Theron, Werner
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This study investigates the South African motoring journalism landscape and the impact of new media on motoring journalists. It examines the additional responsibilities and roles assigned to motoring journalists and how motoring journalists have adapted to the changing environment. It finds that new media has changed the way journalists operate. New media has brought a transformation in the relationship between journalists, their audience, advertisers and sources. It has moved from the traditional top-down way of communicating to one where there is now a two-way flow of communication. It is now expected of motoring journalists to actively engage with new media and new media has become an integral part of their work. Motoring journalists have had to master new media skills and motoring editors had to rethink their publishing strategies. New media has redefined the journalistic landscape and has opened new avenues for motoring journalism and improved communication between motoring journalists and their readers. New media has changed the tools and trade of motoring journalists. Motoring journalists had to gain additional knowledge, skills and digital understanding to perform their trade. Motoring journalists had to change their ways.
M.A., Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, 2011