Waste to wealth: A case study of the ondo state integrated wastes recycling and treatment project, Nigeria.

Olanrewaju, O.O.
Ilemobade, A.A.
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EuroJournals, Inc.
The Ondo State Integrated Waste Recycling and Treatment Project, came into existence in June 2006 with the commissioning of the project office complex along Igbatoro Road, Akure by the Nigeria President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The Project started operation in December 2006 with the aim of minimising solid waste in Akure and its environs. Since its inception, OSIWRTP has recorded huge successes in transforming the waste generated in Ondo State to wealth by the development of various valuable products using the basic concepts of sustainability: social progression, technical and technological improvements, environmental protection and economic development. Such waste is been generated from agricultural waste, nylon and plastic waste and foundry (metal) waste. Several techniques have been used to transform the waste into profitable products e.g. using anaerobic digestion (biogas) to produce energy and fertilizer; composting for soil conditioner; scrap iron for foundry products and other recycling techniques for solid wastes. The main output of OSIWRTP as at today are fertiliser, foundry materials and other recycled materials depending on the availability of wastes, and according to demands and need.
Fertilizer, Renewable energy, Sustainability, Waste, Waste recycycling, Waste minimization, Solid waste
Olanrewaju, O.O. and Ilemobade, A.A. 2009. Waste to wealth: A case study of the Ondo State integrated wastes recycling and treatment project, Nigeria. European Journal of Social Sciences 8(1) 7-16.