Gender in Planning and Urban Development

Malaza, Nqobile
Todes, Alison
Williamson, Amanda
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Commonwealth Secretariat
There is increasing evidence that women and men experience cities in different ways. Therefore gender-sensitive urban planning is needed. However, like other built environment occupations, the planning profession has traditionally been ‘gender blind’. The Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) has been a strong advocate for ‘reinventing planning’ (Farmer et al. 2006). CAP argues for ‘planning as an inclusive process ... rooted in concerns for equity’ (CAP 2008). Gender equality is one dimension of this kind of inclusive planning. This position, which was endorsed by the UN-Habitat World Urban Forum in 2006, also reflects the Commonwealth’s strong commitment to gender equality. So why does gender matter in urban planning? And, what might ‘gendered planning practice’ hope to achieve?
Gender-sensitive urban planning
Gender, Planning, Urban development, Gender-sensitive urban planning
Malaza, Nqobile; Todes, Alison and Williamson, Amanda. 2009. Gender in Planning and Urban Development. Commonwealth Secretariat, Discussion Paper 7.