Development of a Communication Strategy to Reduce Violence against Children in South Africa: A Social-Ecological Approach

Edberg, Mark
Shaikh, Hina
Rimal, Rajiv N.
Rassool, Rayana
Mthembu, Mpumelelo
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Research on violence against children, though extensive, has not been effectively deployed for the development and tailoring of communication efforts aimed at specific national, local and cultural contexts within which such violence occurs. This article presents a staged, multi-sectoral communication strategy to reduce the incidence of violence against children in South Africa. Drawing on formative data collected through a literature review, key informant interviews, focus groups, and a stakeholder review meeting, the research team, in collaboration with UNICEF South Africa, formulated a communication strategy aimed at combatting violence against children. The data analysis and strategy development within a socialecological framework sought to identify factors at multiple levels that contribute to violence against children in the South African context. The communication strategy is designed to achieve positive social and behaviour change outcomes in South Africa with respect to the treatment of children, and also to provide an approach as well as specific elements that are potentially replicable to some extent in other countries.
Edberg, M., Shaikh, H., Rimal, R. N., Rassool, R., & Mthembu, M. (2017). Development of a communication strategy to reduce violence against children in South Africa: A social-ecological approach. The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), 20, 49-76.