Bagagesu/those of my home: migrancy, gender and ethnicity

dc.contributor.authorJames, Deborah
dc.descriptionAfrican Studies Seminar series. Paper presented 13 March, 1995en_US
dc.description.abstractEthnicity has been an area in which scholars of southern Africa have shown a gradually increasing interest over the last couple of decades. This interest has sharpened over the last five or six years to become a major concern, with Vail's 1989 collection, and his comprehensive introduction, as something of a watershed. More recently still, the holding of two major South African-based conferences on the topic within the last two years suggests that it has become a virtual obsession in the region.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInstitute for Advanced Social Research;ISS 198
dc.subjectWomen, Sotho. South Africa. Transvaal. Social conditionsen_US
dc.subjectRural-urban migration. South Africa. Transvaalen_US
dc.titleBagagesu/those of my home: migrancy, gender and ethnicityen_US
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