Implementation and usage of digital Libraries: A case study of Bunda College Greenstone digital Library in Malawi.

Majawa, Felix Patrick
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Mzuzu University
The study investigated how the Bunda College Digital Library was implemented and used. 91 undergraduates, 10 postgraduates and 43 academic staff responded to questionnaires on the digital library usage. Facebook instant messages and phone interview were used to obtain data from library staff about managerial and technical activities. The digital library (DL) was created to address the need for digitizing documents on Malawi and/or by Malawians. Staff members were trained in the DL activities, however it lacked funding and largely utilized available resources. All the three categories of respondents agreed that the digital library was useful. Engaging in DL consultancy services, employing one library staff on temporary basis and including activities of the DL in the annual budgets were presented as the major recommendations. The study was limited in the sense that 3rd and 4th undergraduate students were on holiday during the data collection period and many postgraduates were out for their field research. This affected the richness of the study. Bunda College Library staff, Malawian librarians and Bachelor of Library Science students at Mzuzu University would find this research useful. Although similar research initiatives have been carried out, this research is unique as it tackles managerial and technical aspects of DL implementation as well as usage by the end users.
Digital Library