Inside architecture: re-asserting the user in a context of technology to humanize and inspire the future officescape.

Aarons, Daniel
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The last century has given rise to tremendous technological advancement in the built environment. This has facilitated a shift in building design from architects further into the hands of specialists, and with it, has come a level of sterility and a fracturing of personal experience and sensation for building users. Too readily architects appear to be negating their affiliation with the daily comfort and sensory perceptions for an ocularcentric, spatial and formalistic approach. It would seem that in this way technology has brought freedom to architects, but with it, so too has it brought neglect. This thesis argues the need for the architect to give greater consideration of the user, by creating cohesive, stimulating and experientially rich workplaces, thus asserting the role of the user, to play a dominant and active role within the design process. Creating a framework for an ‘inside-out’ approach to architecture. From this perspective it assesses notions of user experience, comfort, technology, physiology, psychology, while seeking solutions through predominantly sustainable means.