Indexes to Debates of the House of Assembly (Hansard)

Debates of the House of Assembly (Hansard). South Africa Politics and government. Debates of Standing Committees.
Merged with: Debates of the House of Delegates, and; Debates of the House of Representatives, to form: Debates of Parliament. 1st Session, 1st Parliament, vol. 1(5-27 June 1961)-4th session, 7th Parliament, v.118 (27 Jan.-12 July 1984)=1st Session, 8th Parliament, vol. 1 (4 - 20 Sept. 1984)-5th Session, 8th Parliament, v. 21 (1 8 May 1987-1 Feb. 1988). 139 v. c22 cm.
Fourth Session - Sixth Parliament, 1980, JC045385, Index to Speeches, Index to Subject, February, June, Hansard, House of Assembly, Debates, ISBN 0621063320, Standing Committee, Sixth Parliament