Drones in construction: a tool to measure progress

Mkansi, Nkhesani
Ramsamy, Noelle
Laher, Yahya
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University of Witwatersrand
At first, drones were commonly associated with military tactics used by the US government. Today, its array of uses has lead the flying machine’s popularity to grow exponentially. The use of drones vary from life guards using the drone to monitor beach-goers to the next-level ‘selfie-stick’. Commercially drones have captured the attention of companies looking for innovative solutions. Amazon.com is currently looking to employ drones as delivery vehicle. In construction, drones are used to monitor workers on site. In this research, we seek to explore the use of drones as a tool to measure progress
The primary objective for this research is to explore the use of a drone as a tool to monitor progress.
Drones in construction, Measure progress--Construction
Mkansi, N., Ramsamy, N. and Laher, Y. (2016). Drones in construction: a tool to measure progress. Johannesburg: University of Witwatersrand