Local Government, Gender and Integrated Development Planning

Todes, Alison
Williamson, Amanda
Sithole, Pearl
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HSRC Press
The South African Constitution is one of the most progressive in the world. It demonstrates a commitment to promoting equality for men and women, and entrenches women's rights. This commitment is carried through in several government policies, but there are debates about the extent of its implementation. Since 1994, local government has become a more important sphere than before. It is bigger than it once was, and has a larger mandate than before. \it has been described as the 'hands and feet' of the government, and is expected to play a key role in developing its local areas. Like national government, local government must carry through the commitment to women's empowerment and gender equity.
Local Government; Gender; Integrated Development Planning
Todes, Alison; Williamson, Amanda and Sithole, Pearl. (2007) Local Government, Gender and Integrated Development Planning. HSRC, Pretoria