Higher loop nonplanar anomalous dimensions from symmetry

Koch, Robert de Mello
Graham, Stuart
Messamah, Ilies
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In this article we study the action of the one loop dilatation operator on operators with a classical dimension of order N. These operators belong to the su(2) sector and are constructed using two complex fields Y and Z. For these operators non-planar diagrams contribute already at the leading order in N and the planar and large N limits are distinct. The action of the one loop and the two loop dilatation operator reduces to a set of decoupled oscillators and factorizes into an action on the Z fields and an action on the Y fields. Direct computation has shown that the action on the Y fields is the same at one and two loops. In this article, using the su(2) symmetry algebra as well as structural features of field theory, we give compelling evidence that the factor in the dilatation operator that acts on the Y s is given by the one loop expression, at any loop order.
Supersymmetric gauge theory, AdS-CFT Correspondence, 1/N Expansion, Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Physics