LLM magnons

de Mello Koch, R.
Mathwin, C.
Van Zyl, H.J.R.
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We consider excitations of LLM geometries described by coloring the LLM plane with concentric black rings. Certain closed string excitations are localized at the edges of these rings. The string theory predictions for the energies of magnon excitations of these strings depends on the radii of the edges of the rings. In this article we construct the operators dual to these closed string excitations and show how to reproduce the string theory predictions for magnon energies by computing one loop anomalous dimensions. These operators are linear combinations of restricted Schur polynomials. The distinction between what is the background and what is the excitation is accomplished in the choice of the subgroup and the representations used to construct the operator.
1/N Expansion, AdS-CFT Correspondence, Gauge-gravity correspondence
de Mello Koch, R.,Mathwin, C. and Van Zyl, H.J.R. 2016. LLM magnons. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (3) : Article number 110