Knowledge as a Basis of Development Effectiveness: the Automation/Digitization of Library Services of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), to Enhance Access to Knowledge for Development Effectiveness

Idrisa, Ssesanga
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Development has many meanings depending on the context. In this context, it is the positive transformation/change of people’s ways of living, attitudes and behaviours as a result of their exposure/access to relevant, adequate and timely information services, as a result of the prevailing digital age/revolution. Similarly, knowledge refers to wisdom, information and skills as exhibited differently by people’s ways of living, habits, attitudes and beliefs among other things. It is embedded in various sources, both formal and informal. Libraries, archives, registries, museums, among other sources, form bases where such knowledge can be accessed to trigger people’s development initiatives. It should be noted that information, communication and development are inseparable for sustainable development. The Islamic University in Uganda has been keen to support the role of information and knowledge in the development of communities and has therefore put in place structures and systems to harness the community’s wisdom and knowledge through documentation so that these can be shared and used by a wider audience. The Library Services of Islamic University in Uganda has initiated and supported projects like the “Wednesday colloquium” where knowledgeable experts in different sectors are brought together and share their experiences, skills and wisdom which is in turn documented and preserved for access by others to trigger development initiatives. Of significance is that this colloquium attracts many participants, both students and staff, of multinational cultural identities because of the University’s international nature and status. Impact assessment reports so far indicate that the beneficiaries of the colloquium, the majority of whom are youth, have implemented positive development initiatives back home when they complete their studies or during their holidays.
ICADLA, conference, digital library, archive, islamic, Uganda