The impact on current and former learners of ABET programme run at Duvha Power Station

Shelile, Motlatsi Petrus
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This study evaluated the impact on learners of Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programmes at Duvha Power Station. The methods of collecting data comprised face-toface interviews, on-site participant observation, classroom observation and document analysis. The underlying assumption was that ABET programmes did not have a positive impact on either the company and individual candidates, and that they were only provided to comply with the legislation and not to develop and empower people. What emerged from findings was that ABET programmes had a major impact on the company and on the individual candidates, in their homes and communities. The findings, however, also revealed weaknesses and challenges in ABET level 1 that need to be addressed i.e ABET level 1 respondents showed no further interest in participating in the programme citing advanced age, learning being for youth, difficult sums etc, as some of the reasons.
Student Number : 9710307F - MEd research report - School of Education - Faculty of Humanities
adult basic education, literacy, workplace training, development, democracy, empowerment, lifelong learning, South Africa