Probing anomalous couplings using di-Higgs production in electron–proton collisions

Kumar, M.
Ruan, X.
Islam, R.
Klein, M.
Klein, U.
Mellado, B.
Cornell, A.S.
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A proposed high energy Future Circular Hadron-Electron Collider would provide sufficient energy in a clean environment to probe di-Higgs production. Using this channel we show that the azimuthal angle correlation between the missing transverse energy and the forward jet is a very good probe for the non-standard hhh and hhWW couplings. We give the exclusion limits on these couplings as a function of integrated luminosity at a 95% C.L. using the fiducial cross sections. With appropriate error fitting methodology we find that the Higgs boson self coupling could be measured to be g(hhh)((1)) = 1.00(-0.17(0.12))(+0.24(0.14)) of its expected Standard Model value at root s = 3.5(5.0) TeV for an ultimate 10 ab(-1) of integrated luminosity.
Higgs boson, Extensions of Higgs sector, Particle production, ATLAS DETECTOR, PAIR PRODUCTION, 8 TEV, BOSON, SEARCH, PARITY, SPIN, MASS, LHC
Kumar, M. et al. 2017. Probing anomalous couplings using di-Higgs production in electron–proton collisions. Physics Letters B, 764 (2017), pp. 247-253