Son of the sun and son of the world: the life and works of R.R.R. Dhlomo.

Skikna, Shelly Ziona.
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This dissertation is a critical biography of the late Rolfes Robert Reginald Dhlomo, the writer, journalist and editor. It includes a discussion of the main themes of his English and Zulu works. The first chapter outlines Dhlomo's life, and provides background information about his Sociological, historical and political context in order to delineate the man, his reasons for writing, the subject matter of his works, and his Significance for early twentieth century black literature and journalism in South Africa. The second chapter of this dissertation expands on the background to Dhlomo's writing and ideas through an examination of the aims and work of the Zulu Society. The third chapter analyses Dhlomo's use of English and Zulu in his writing, and suggests the ways in which these languages influenced each other, as well ag Dhlomo's achievement as an early black writer in English. The next chapter focuses on those of Dhlomo' s works which are commonly assumed to be fiction. This study reveals the writer's moralistic bias, and his tendency towards didacticism. This tendency as Chapter Four shows, deprives Dhlomo's works of their apparent fictitiousness. Chapter Five is an -overview of Dhlomo's historical works and an analysis of the writer's perception and presentation of history. It contains translations from Dhlomo's books about the Zulu kings from Shaka to Dinuzulu. The final chapter of this dissertation discusses a theme which preoccupied the writer throughout his life, that is, the role of traditional Zulu medicine and religion in modern society. Although Dhlomo's response to this topic varied from work to work, his attitude ultimately did not alter. The chapter demonstrates Dhlomo's desire to retain that which is traditional, as well as his reluctance to accept any concept which challenged Christianity.
Dissertation submitted to the Department of English, University of the Witwatersrand, for the Degree of Master of Arts.