Building Capacity for Archives and Dissemination of Information in Uganda: A Case Study of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and Directorate of Information

Magara, Elisam
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In today's information age, knowledge has become the gold standard. A great deal of information is being generated every day in central and local governments and this is likely to increase with the continued empowerment of the population. In Uganda the government has been for a long time committed towards building an integrated, self sustaining and independent national economy. For instance, there have been a number of attempts to enact laws and policies in Uganda regarding access to and protection of information including the National Records and Archives Act, 2001, the Access to Information Act, 2005, the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 2006, The Press and Journalist Statute, 1995, the Electronic Media Statute, 1995 and the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2005. These laws been not properly utilised, nor have proper guidelines for building capacity for storage, archiving, utilisation, dissemination and use of information been put in place. Building capacity in any organisation requires considerable effort, covering restructuring systems, development of human resource and institutional capacity, and organisational structure. The aim of this study is to review the current state of the audiovisual records and materials in the Directorate of Information (DOI) and the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), to provide a digitization strategy to enhance effective information dissemination in Uganda.
ICADLA, conference, digital library, archive, Uganda, broadcasting, capacity