The impact of obsolescence in health public private partnership projects

Khatleli, Nthatisi
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International Structural Engineering Construction Conference (ISEC)
Obsolescence is a major challenge in Infrastructure implementation around the world. South Africa has been implementing PPPs close to 20 years now and some of the first projects will soon come to closure as the end of their term is drawing nigh. Obsolescence is generally mitigated by stipulating that there should be a general overhaul of the facility very close to the end of term in order to preserve and elongate the economic life of the project. However, the health projects are very much dependent on the ever-changing technological developments for their optimal performance. Some of the new technological equipment might require infrastructural adaptations. Through interviewing designers, managers and clients the research sought to garner information that could be helpful for future projects in this sector and that could be adapted to other sectors as well. Although it was found that obsolescence was not properly catered for, the experiences of the aforementioned respondents were valuable in proposing general considerations in future projects. It is hoped that lessons will be instructive and beneficial to the other countries which are new to the PPP procurement method, especially when it comes to the implementation of the health facilities.
This paper was presented at the ISEC under the theme: Resilient Structures and Sustainable Construction Edited by Pellicer, E., Adam, J. M., Yepes, V., Singh, A., and Yazdani, S
Infrastructure, Economic life, Optimal performance, Designers, Procurement