The mechanical properties of metallic solid solutions

Nabarro, F.R.N.
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Physical Society
The theoretical relation between the lattice strains produced by precipitation in a mineral and the corresponding increase in hardness is extended to the case of lattice strains in metallic solid solutions. The elastic limit of a single crystal of a solid solution is calculated on the assumption that the crystal will slip when the applied external stress is equal to the mean value of the internal stress. This mean is taken over the length of a dislocation, assumed to be in numbers 1000 atoms. The estimate agrees in order of magnitude with the experimental observations. Similar considerations are applied to the hardness of polycrystalline solid solutions. The theory is extended to cases in which the increase of hardness produced by alloying is not large in comparison with the hardness of the pure solvent.
metallic solid solutions, alloys
Proceedings of the Physical Society, Vol. 58, 1946, p. 669-676