Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Modified Tubular Linear Synchronous Motor

Van Zyl, Andre Willem
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This thesis describes the design, construction and evaluation of a prototype modified tubular linear synchronous motor. The linear motor has a long static primary and a short permanent magnet mobile secondary. The design is unique in that a tubular topology has been modified to allow access to the moving secondary section. This modification means that this design can be used in long distance applications. The application for this research is the use of linear motors in rope-less vertical trans- portation systems in ultra deep level mines. The design of the linear motor has been analysed from an electrical, magnetic, mechanical and thermal perspective. Finite Element Analysis was used to predict the performance of the linear motor. The design of the secondary section has been optimised to produce the greatest possible thrust force while reducing the effects of the cogging forces. The linear motor has been tested extensively and the results correlate with theoretical predictions from the Finite Element Analysis. This project proves that the modified tubular lin- ear synchronous motor is a viable technology that can be used in rope-less vertical transportation systems.
Student Number : 9306442N - PhD thesis - School of Electrical and Information Engineering - Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
tubular, linear, synchronous, motor