The experiences of young, black, middle-class women with black male patriarchy

This research report examines the experiences of young, Black, middle-class women with Black male patriarchy in South Africa. Globally, South Africa experiences high levels of gender-based violence, with violence suffered by Black women at the hands of Black men being particularly sizable. To contribute solutions to the problem of gender-based violence in the Black South African community and subsidise understandings of Black women within feminist research, this research report interrogates the way in which young, Black, middle-class women experience, make sense and try to mitigate the operation of Black male patriarchy in their lives. Through a critical narrative analysis and a critical diversity literacy lens, this research uncovers the ways in which patriarchy works hand in hand with racism to oppress all Black people. It further explores the problematic way Black middle-class women pathologise the experiences of Black rural and working class women. Finally, it suggests strategies around critical engagement with emotions and disengagement with Black men to tackle patriarchy within the South African Black community.
MA (in the Field of Critical Diversity Studies)
Yisa, Adanma Oyiza Ijoma (2018) Wealth for those who create :|ban exploration of intellectual property exploited by visual artists based in Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, <>